About Us

April Drive Media was created as the umbrella company for several small online businesses.  Owned and operated by Toma Johnson aka Maskerade, these online companies include Maskerade Beats, Maskerade Music, and Mixer University.

The name “April Drive” was created as a representation a Maskerade.  The street address of the first home that he ever bought was located on April Drive in Temecula, California.  Maskerade was also born in the month of April as well, which made the name very fitting. The word “drive” could also describe Maskerade as he has always been driven, since a very young age, to succeed as an independent musician and business man.

The mission of April Drive Media is provide quality, well-produced media content to the world on an independent level.  We hope you enjoy our current and future endeavors. We look forward to providing you with quality music, video and print entertainment.